Introduction to OpenShift® Applications


Introduction to OpenShift® Applications

A developer-focused introduction to OpenShift® application building, deployment, scaling, and troubleshooting.

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform is a containerized application platform that allows enterprises to accelerate and streamline application development, delivery, and deployment on-premise or in the cloud. As OpenShift® and Kubernetes continue to become widely adopted, developers are increasingly required to understand how to develop, build, and deploy applications with a containerized application platform. While some developers are interested in managing the underlying infrastructure, most developers want to focus on developing applications and using OpenShift® for its simple building, deployment, and scaling capabilities.

Course content summary Manage application source code with Git Develop applications with VSCode Deploy an application to OpenShift® Update an application Configure application secrets Scale an application Troubleshoot and fixing an application Technology requirements This course is a bring-your-own-device training. You must be able to install software onto your device. Internet access is required.

Impact on the organization Organizations with developers that know how to leverage a container-based architecture, orchestrated with Kubernetes and OpenShift®, are expected to see improvement in application reliability and scalability, while decreasing developer overhead.

Red Hat® has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary. Impact on the individual As a result of attending this course, you should be able to deploy and update applications in an OpenShift® 4 cluster. Using the OpenShift® 4 web console, students will be able to build, deploy, troubleshoot, and scale applications.

This course is a low prerequisite on-ramp for OpenShift® development. Many developers want to find ways to use OpenShift® in their organization and have heard of its many benefits, but they lack the necessary skills or interest in approaching OpenShift® from a low-level, bottom-up oriented approach. Most developers are instead focused on finding ways to write and deploy applications faster and easier. Students who are interested in learning more about the underlying OpenShift® infrastructure and have strong RHCSA®-level skills should instead start with Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat® OpenShift® (DO180).

Students should have a strong background in application development and object oriented programming. If not, it is recommended to first take Red Hat® Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (JB183) . Recommended next course or exam Red Hat® Application Development II: Implementing Microservice Architectures (JB283)

Red Hat® Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer exam (EX283)

Configure a Cloud Application Developer Environment Configure a developer environment with a modern integrated developer environment and version control. Deploy Applications to Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform Deploy an application to OpenShift®. Configure Application builds in OpenShift® Manage application builds in Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. Scale Applications in OpenShift® Scale and test an application with Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. Troubleshoot Applications in OpenShift® Identify and resolve common problems in Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, contact a training specialist.

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