Effective Business Cases


Effective Business Cases

In this course, you''ll learn the most common disciplines and methodologies used to create and present a business case with clear, concise, and fact-based arguments that highlight project benefits, costs, and risks to win approval for projects. You''ll learn the underlying structure and content of a business case as well as the role your audience plays in the development of it. Further, you''ll learn basic techniques for determining financial ROI, non-tangible benefits, and the probability of meeting expectations.

  • Key elements of a business case document and presentation
  • How to justify the investment to solve a business problem in a clear, concise, fact-based manner
  • Basic financial metrics used within a business case, including feasibility studies and ROI analyses
  • Ways to improve the odds of project approval
  • Steps to prove your recommendation is "best"
  • A step-by-step development process to create a business case

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Anyone who establishes business cases
  • Anyone who provides business justification for projects


1. The Case for a Business Case

  • The Needs of Decision Makers
  • Business Cases

2. Business Case Foundations

  • Business Case Requirements
  • Competition for Resources
  • Business Case Roles and Responsibilities
  • Business Case Content
  • The Business Case and Project Portfolio Management
  • The Business Case and the Product Life Cycle
  • Business Case Process Overview

3. It Starts with Business Objectives

  • The Role of Business Objectives
  • Types of Business Objectives
  • The Business Case Subject Statement

4. Comparing Alternatives: Costs

  • Answering Difficult Questions about Costs
  • The Cost Model
  • Cost Model Categories
  • Cost Assumptions

5. Comparing Alternatives: Benefits

  • Answering Difficult Questions about Benefits
  • The Benefits Model
  • Benefit Types
  • Steps for Computing Financial Benefits
  • Benefits Assumptions

6. Cash Flow and Financial Metrics

  • The Cash Flow Statement
  • Common Financial Metrics

7. Risk and Sensitivity Analysis

  • Risk Definition
  • Risk Analysis for the Business Case
  • Sensitivity Analysis

8. The Business Case Process

  • Business Case Process Overview
  • Prepare Phase
  • Methods Phase
  • Analysis Phase
  • Report Phase

9. The Business Case Document and Presentation

  • Business Case Reporting
  • Business Case Content
  • Executive Presentation

10. Follow-Up: What Happens After Project Selection

  • Business Case Re-Evaluation
  • Final Recommendations for Business Cases


Exercise 1: Be an Executive for a Day

Exercise 2: Completing a Business Case

Exercise 3: Creating Business Objectives and the Business Case Subject Statement

Exercise 4: Developing a Cost Model

Exercise 5: Comparing Alternatives: Benefits

Exercise 6: Creating an Incremental Cash Flow Statement

Exercise 7: Calculating ROI, Cost/Benefit, and Payback Period

Exercise 8: Calculating the Net Present Value

Exercise 9: Calculating the Internal Rate of Return

Exercise 10: Analyzing Risks and Sensitivity

Exercise 11: Identifying the Business Case Team and Reference Group

Exercise 12: Identifying Business Case Presentation Requirements

Student Case Study

Instructor Case Study

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