DB2 11 for z/OS System Administration


DB2 11 for z/OS System Administration

Administrators of DB2 11 for z/OS can acquire a view of the architecture and fundamental processes required to manage a DB2 11 for z/OS subsystem with hands-on labs to gain experience.

Note: While class exercises are performed within a DB2 11 for z/OS environment, our expert instructors can provide guidance on all versions and their differences.

  • Relate the z/OS IPL process to a DB2 subsystem
  • Effects of stopping and starting DB2
  • How DB2 sets and use Integrated Catalog Facility (ICF) catalog names
  • Use of DSN command processor running in batch andforeground
  • Use views to minimize users'' ability to see into the DB2catalog
  • See how the catalog (through grant activity) controls accessto data
  • Search the catalog for problem situations
  • Use the catalog and DB2 utilities to determine data recoveryrequirements
  • Internal Resource Lock Manager (IRLM) in a DB2environment
  • Implement DB2 and Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) security
  • DB2 program flow for all environments
  • Display normal and problem threads and database status
  • How the SQL Processor Using File Input (SPUFI)AUTOCOMMIT option defers the COMMIT/ROLLBACK decision
  • Interpret lock displays
  • Identify and cancel particular threads
  • Available DB2 utilities to manage system and userpage sets

This is an intermediate course for system administrators, database administrators, and other technical individuals, who manage and implement DB2 10 for z/OS.

  • An understanding of the objects (tables, indexes, databases, and so forth) used in DB2 systems, and of how those objects are created, managed, and recovered
  • A working knowledge of SQL 
  • At least one year as a z/OS systems programmer or equivalent experience
  • Or, one year working with DB2 on the mainframe as a DBA on the mainframe or equivalent experience
  • DB2 Family Fundamentals
  • DB2 SQL Workshop
  • DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users

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