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Planning Effective Software Testing

A complete test plan has the same sort of information as any other good plan. It defines what will be done and what will not. It estimates resources that will be required and lists a schedule of activities. It establishes a basis for managing the testing activities, reporting status, and mitigating testing risks.

In this course, you will learn how to completely plan your test activities. You will walk through the test planning process, and you''ll identify all of the inputs you will need and the things you should produce. You will receive guidance on how to plan for test case creation, defect tracking, status monitoring, and progress reporting.

This course will equip you with all the tools you need to create a test plan that will serve all your needs. In-class exercises help you identify and examine firsthand problems you may be experiencing. Through group effort, you and your peers will examine ways your department or company should be handling problems up front and how you can improve on your current procedures.

  • Produce better software products by truly understanding the entire test planning process and its critical effect on product success or failure
  • Different types of tests required to produce a market-worthy "Goldrelease
  • Test cases and planning for their timely development and execution
  • Quickly obtain organizational commitment to your test plan
  • Use a thorough and powerful traceability matrix to guarantee the comprehensiveness of your testing
  • Accomplish risk planning and management for fail-safe testing activities
  • Track and manage the testing effort and take corrective action to avoid costly human or technical errors
  • Capture relevant stakeholder buy-in for your testing effort to eliminate delays, surprises, and unintended consequences
  • Integrate your test plans with other project plans to guarantee their relevance and effectiveness