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Selling Cloud Solutions

In this highly interactive workshop, you''ll learn the basics of cloud computing and how to identify common business opportunities that cloud services can address. You''ll learn how to identify customer needs and how your cloud service offering benefits the customers'' needs. Through guided exercises, you''ll sort out your unique selling proposition and learn how to overcome cloud sales objections. The exercises present a real-world connection using situations that can occur in your day-to-day marketing, selling, and sales support role.

Students should be able to:

  • Identify and define common terms and definitions of cloud computing.
  • Identify and describe opportunities and challenges of selling cloud solutions and best practice approaches to positioning Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud.
  • Describe, identify, and position cloud deployment (Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud, Public and Private) and service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • Identify and position types of cloud services and differentiate the importance and use for different deployment models.
  • Identify and articulate common business challenges and opportunities that can be addressed by cloud, before incorporating within a positioning strategy plan.
  • Identify and describe best practice approaches to uncovering customer needs, relative to cloud.
  • Use a question-asking process to uncover customer needs focused on Hybrid and Multicloud.
  • Describe and demonstrate completion of positioning planning template to articulate a company''s cloud/cloud product offering and the benefits to the customer.
  • Build a cloud positioning, sales approach and questioning strategy using provided templates.
  • How to take what''s been learned through this course and put it in to practice through use of scenarios, case studies and provided templates.