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Configuring the ForgeRock® Identity Platform in a DevOps Environment

This expert-led workshop guides students through the deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform® (Identity Platform) on a Kubernetes cluster running in Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE).

The workshop initially describes how to use the ForgeRock Cloud Developer's Kit (CDK) to deploy a sample configuration of the Identity Platform, which includes ForgeRock® Access Management (AM) and ForgeRock® Identity Management (IDM), which share ForgeRock® Directory Service (DS) as an identity store. 

The CDK is used to configure the Identity Platform and redeploy the updated configuration in an existing Kubernetes cluster. 

Students then create a new cluster to deploy the Identity Platform by following the Cloud Deployment Model (CDM). Monitoring add-ons tools are included with the CDM example. The skills gained by performing deployments with the CDK and CDM reference examples help you identify the Kubernetes cluster and the Identity Platform configuration requirements needed for preparation to move deployments into other environments, such as test and production. 

The last chapter of the workshop explores the challenges of migrating an existing on-prem ForgeRock deployment to Kubernetes. 

This workshop uses the ForgeRock DevOps documentation set as a reference for the hands-on labs.

Also, it is important that you have already successfully completed the relevant ForgeRock Core Concepts courses before attending this workshop. It is beneficial that you also have experience working with DevOps technology such as Kubernetes, Skaffold, Kustomize, Git, among other related tools.

Note: Revision C.1 of this course is based on the DevOps 7.1.0 documentation.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Introduce the ForgeOps toolset and documentation, get familiar with DevOps tools and deploy the Identity Platform using the CDK
  • Configure the Identity Platform by using the CDM
  • Use the provided ForgeRock scripts to add monitoring, run benchmarks, and explore the backup and restore tools for the Identity Platform. Build your custom base Docker images. Manage Secrets
  • Migrate the ForgeRock Entertainment Company (FEC) Portal sample application to Kubernetes