ViPR SMR 4 Implementation and Management


ViPR SMR 4 Implementation and Management

Learn the initial installation, configuration, and validation of a ViPR SRM deployment using both the vApp and Binary methods

This course covers initial installation, configuration, and validation of a ViPR SRM deployment using both the vApp and Binary methods. Lecture and labs will support performing frontend and backend administration, platform expansion, SolutionPack deployment, alerting, and related troubleshooting procedures. Hands-on labs assist the learner to integrate and practice the skills introduced in class, and provide real-life experiences with selected SolutionPacks and common administrative tasks.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Implement the requirements of a ViPR SRM pre-installation and installation
  • Demonstrate where the product documents and information is located
  • Validate a ViPR SRM installation using the EMC M&R Health SolutionPack
  • Install, configure, and verify storage-related SolutionPacks
  • Configure and integrate users, roles, and profiles with LDAP authentication 
  • Enable, disable, customize, and manage default alerts

This course is intended for those that install and manage ViPR SRM.

Site Validation

  • ViPR SRM Architecture Review 
  • Documentation and Tools
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Site Validation

ViPR SRM Installation

  • Planning for deployment
  • ViPR SRM Installation packages
  • ViPR SRM Base Installation
  • Scaling out the ViPR SRM Platform

Platform Management

  • Centralized Management User Interface
  • ViPR SRM Administration with Centralized Management


  • ViPR SRM SolutionPacks Overview
  • Application SolutionPack Installation
  • Storage SolutionPack Installation
  • Infrastructure SolutionPack Installation
  • Device Discovery

Frontend Administration

  • Frontend Overview
  • Users, Profiles, and Roles
  • Authentication Integration

Alert Configuration and Maintenance

  • Introduction to Alerting
  • Managing Alert Rules


  • Securing the platform


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