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Cisco Introduction to SD-Access and Cisco DNA Center- SDAINT

DNA Center and SD-Access offer Ciscos next-generation programmable digital network to help automate common network access security features and streamline the redundant, complex configuration required to allow different groups of users access to the network infrastructure.

It allows Network Administrators to quickly allow differentiated access for end users on the network while allowing the network to react automatically to day zero and other types of attacks.

The Introduction to SD-Access and DNA Center course gives the learner a solid overview of Ciscos latest features to automate common administrative tasks on security focused programmable network infrastructures. This course explains the concepts of a Network Fabric and the different node types that form it (Fabric Edge Nodes, Control Plane Nodes, Border Nodes). It describes the roles of LISP in the Control Plane and VXLAN in the Data Plane for SD-Access Solutions and how DNA Center uses them to automate security and network access.