macOS 10.12 Training


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Sierra 100: Introduction to macOS 10.12

Introduction to macOS 10.12 is a one-day preliminary course for those new to macOS who need to prepare for the Sierra 101: OS X Support Essentials 10.12 course, or other technical macOS training courses. This course focuses on getting to know the foundations of macOS, with topics ranging from efficient window and application management to system customization. You'll also learn how to configure user accounts and manage files.

For Connected Classroom attendees:  

Connected events will be held at a local training center with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment allowing the course to be broadcast to multiple locations. Students will have the same classroom experience and interact live with the connected classroom instructor. The instructor will be on a large, HD quality screen with interactive video and audio to listen and communicate with students. A second large HD quality screen will display the instructor’s live presentation.

  • Operating System Basics  
  • Finder Window Behaviors
  • Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts  
  • Apple Terminology  
  • Dock Behaviors  
  • Spotlight  
  • Fast User Switching  
  • Basic Network Configuration  
  • Windows Equivalent Terminology