AMA2233 Time Management

Do you find yourself overloaded with work? Feel so stretched to the limit you can''t set priorities? Exhaust yourself daily without accomplishing your goals?

Remember, every minute of your day impacts the business. If you answer yes to one or more of the above, it''s time to make real choices about how and when to spend your time. This seminar gives you the tools to find balance, achieve your goals, and be more effective and productive.

How You Will Benefit
  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Create priorities and establish realistic boundaries
  • Recognize and deal with time-wasters
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Break indecision and procrastination habits
  • Use technology to help manage time
  • Create and recharge positive energy

  • Personal time-wasters and the value of your time
  • Define goals and establish important and valid priorities
  • Create a realistic and productive schedule
  • Deal with self-distractions and interruptions
  • Increase productivity by using technology efficiently
  • Prioritize and create boundaries and balance
  • Create a personal "no" script
  • Look for opportunities to delegate appropriate tasks/projects to others
  • Work effectively as a team member
  • Balance competing priorities to meet ever-changing demands

Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.

1. Time Management Is Self-Management
  • Shift focus from managing time to managing self
  • Typical timewasters
  • Personal strengths and development opportunities to control time
2. Planning Your Success
  • Define goals based on your role
  • Establish important and valid priorities
  • Create a realistic and productive schedule
  • Use a robust planning process to analyze and review plans
3. Concentration, Focus, and Organization
  • Create productive and efficient routines to support core goals
  • Ways to organize and manage your environment
  • Ways to deal with distractions and interruptions
4. Managing Technology
  • Develop strategies to use technology more efficiently and productively
  • Select the right form of communication for your message
  • Ways to manage e-mail
5. Creating Boundaries and Balance
  • Prioritize and choose activities to balance life and work
  • Create your own "no" script

Upcoming Classes

Dates Location GTR  
Jun 3-4 (9am-5pm) ARLINGTON, VA
Aug 12-13 (9am-5pm) CHICAGO, IL
Sep 16-17 (9am-5pm) NEW YORK, NY
Sep 18-19 (9am-5pm) SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Oct 10-11 (9am-5pm) ATLANTA, GA
Oct 10-11 (9am-5pm) CHICAGO, IL
Nov 7-8 (9am-5pm) NEW YORK, NY
Dates Location GTR  
Jun 10-11 (10am-6pm) EST
Jun 20-21 (9am-5pm) EST
Jul 8-11 (2pm-6pm) EST
Jul 24-25 (9am-5pm) EST
Aug 20-21 (9am-5pm) EST
Sep 9-10 (10am-6pm) EST
Sep 23-26 (2pm-6pm) EST
Oct 10-11 (9am-5pm) EST
Oct 14-17 (2pm-6pm) EST
Nov 6-7 (9am-5pm) EST


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