Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration


Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration

  • Manage the Image Packaging System (IPS)
  • Install the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system using the Automated Installer
  • Manage business application data
  • Configure Oracle Solaris zones
  • Create an Oracle Solaris 11 virtual network
  • Configure SMF services
  • Configure privileges
  • Configure Role-Based Access Control
  • Securing system resources with Oracle Solaris Auditing
  • Manage processes and priorities
  • Configure system resources
  • Monitor system performance
  • Configure system messaging
  • Configure system crash facilities
  • Configure dump facilities

  • Data Center Manager
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Consultant

  • Experience with Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Knowledge of the ZFS file system

Managing the Image Packaging System (IPS) and Packages

  • Configuring a Local IPS Package Repository
  • Configuring Network Client Access to the Local IPS Server
  • Managing Signed Packages and Package Properties
  • Managing Package Publishers
  • Managing Multiple Boot Environments

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 OS on Multiple Hosts

  • Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Using the Automated Installer
  • Building an Oracle Solaris Image

Managing Business Application Data

  • Managing Data Redundancy with Mirrored Storage Pools
  • Backing Up and Recovering Data with ZFS Snapshots
  • Managing Data Storage Space with ZFS File System Properties
  • Troubleshooting ZFS Failures

Configuring Network and Traffic Failover

  • Configuring Systems on a Local Network
  • Configuring Network Auto-Magic
  • Configuring Network File System
  • Configuring Link Aggregation
  • Configuring an IPMP Group
  • Implementing Link Failover Using IPMP
  • Monitoring an IPMP Group

Configuring Zones and the Virtual Network

  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Configuring Zones to Use VNICs
  • Allocating and Managing System Resources in a Zone
  • Managing Resources on the Virtual Network

Managing Services and Service Properties

  • Configuring SMF services
  • Troubleshooting the SMF Services

Configuring Privileges and Role-Based Access Control

  • Configuring and Managing Privileges
  • Configuring and Using RBAC

Securing System Resources Using Oracle Solaris Auditing

  • Configuring Oracle Solaris Auditing
  • Administering Oracle Solaris Auditing
  • Managing Audit Records on Local Systems

Managing Processes and Priorities

  • Managing Process Scheduling Priority
  • Configuring the Fair Share Scheduler
  • Managing the Scheduling Class of a Zone

Evaluating System Resources

  • Configuring and Administering System Resources
  • Monitoring System Performance

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Failures

  • Configuring System Messaging
  • Configuring System Crash Facilities
  • Configuring Dump Facilities for Business Application Failure


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